Groundz | Ephemeral Flooring
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A unique specialization

We are a company dedicated to providing floor coverings for special events and temporary installations.

The GROUNDZ multidisciplinary team includes set designers and builders, technical and production directors, project directors and qualified installers entirely devoted to creative projects of any size or complexity. Our unique expertise relies on more than 40 years’ experience in the industry.


Materials and creativity

Our vast network of artisans, suppliers and importers gives you access to a wide range of materials, colours and custom integrations that bring your installations to life. Our design team supports each project from the start, helping production and scenography departments develop and execute unique and innovative concepts.

Planning and execution

Our focus on exhaustive planning and our proven mastery of the constraints imposed by temporary environments make GROUNDZ a key partner in the development, fulfillment and viability of our clients’ projects. Each member of our solution-oriented GROUNDZ team is entirely committed to understanding and fully achieving your objectives.


Some of Our Clients

Challenge Us!

Involve us from the ground up! Challenge us! It will be a pleasure for our team to present our solutions to you. Contact a member of GROUNDZ to learn of the many possible avenues for your different projects.